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Spare Parts Supply

For the purpose of submitting after-sale services and providing support for the products, the company is able to supply all used spare parts in asphalt and manufactured products factories in the shortest possible span of time and with high and desirable quality in the customer’s place. a list of some spare parts have been presented below.

Parts name Description of part Parts picture
Paddle arms

Of the most important qualitative specifications of this part is its lifetime because of difficult and time-consuming replacement of parts and high cost of dormancy in the civil projects. In this regard, factors influencing on the lifetime of a part have been identified according to the examinations and analyses and categorized in two following groups:

  • Raw materials and alloy used in casting a part
  • Base of materials used in asphalt production (application environment of a part)

Regarding the raw materials and alloy used, this company relying on its practical and scientific experience has been able to identify alloys which increase the resistance of parts in high heating and abrasive environments by analysis of materials. In cases which the base of used materials is also hard and siliceous, alloy is determined so that resistance and lifetime of a part against the heating and abrasion are more than the same samples.

Elevator roller Due to its application environments including the heating and abrasion ones, this part usually has high consumption factor among the parts. Hence, it is required to improve quality of the part due to the criticality of the part in terms of the complexity in its replacement and time-consuming. For this reason, type of the part’s alloy was improved based on the feedback of part’s performance by customers and their analysis that it increased lifetime of the part and, subsequently, decreased replacement and purchase costs of the part for customers.
Screen mesh Screen mesh is used in the grading of materials in asphalt plants and sand installations and it is possible to produce and manufacture it in different sizes and grading, ordinary and anti-scour natures and custom samples.
Pneumatic Jack Due to the determined specifications for plants, pneumatic jacks are available in Iranian and European types. There are these jacks in different sizes and types and they consist of supply of the jack’s repair kit.
Ball-bearing Ball-bearings consist of different types due to their application environment in the sand installations, batching and asphalt plants each of which has certain technical specifications.
Electro-gearbox Electro-gearboxes are supplied due to specifications of relevant industrial gearboxes in asphalt plants. In addition, there is the possibility to supply industrial gearboxes and, in custom and specific conditions, to manufacture gearboxes in this company if need of customer. Supplied industrial gearboxes are high quality and have four-year guaranty if it is followed their maintenance instruction.
Pneumatic solenoid valves Solenoid valves are used in the control circuit of jacks in asphalt batching plants and sand installations and their size and specifications are determined and sent and/or supplied due to the existing requirements. Repair kit of pneumatic solenoid valves is of accessories of this part which is supplied by this company.
Pump Pumps are used to transfer liquids and included in various types of vane and gear pumps. Due to their application, pumps are categorized as bitumen, hot oil, water, mazut transfer pumps and etc.
Valves Due to heating consumptions and required specifications, valves are supplied in types of steel and cast iron and in electric, slip and needle models.
Unbalance screen Unbalance screen are used in asphalt plants and sand installations which are manufactured in different weights due to the required specifications.
Coil Coils are used in asphalt plants and sand installations. If coil isn’t of standard types, it is also manufactured according to the sample.
Rollick stand Rollicks are used in sand installations, batching and asphalt plants and supplied in press and replacement types. Replacement rollicks are flooded and resistant against the water and dust. Rollicks are manufactured according to DIN standard of Germany.
Rubber conveyor belt Rubber conveyor belt are identified and supplied due to their consumptions and defined technical specifications in sand and asphalt industries.
Fan-air propeller To manufacture types of fan-air propeller is used the best-quality anti-scour metals which increase efficiency of its performance.
Filler spoon This spoon is used for carrying filler, cement, lime and etc. and it is manufactured and delivered in different types.
Material spoon This spoon is used to carry materials and etc. and it is manufactured and delivered in different types.
Almond and Roller chain Almond chains are used in elevators and roller chains in the power transmission system of machinery and are offered in of one-, two- and three-raw types and different sizes and high-quality.
Treatment unit Types of treatment units, oil sprayers, air filter, automatic air valve and etc. are used and supplied in pneumatic circuits in order to protect and increase lifetime of jacks and solenoid valves.
Bearings Bearings are broadly used in sand, asphalt and batching industries. Types of two and four screws bearings are supplied and manufactured in sand installations, asphalt and batching plants due to the relationship of company with the customer regarding the technical specifications and its application place.
Dryer roller Rollers are used in asphalt and batching plants and dryer furnaces and types of dryer rollers and batching mixer are supplied and manufactured in different sizes. To manufacture these parts is used special alloy materials so that they are guaranteed for 4 years if proper use and timely maintenance services.
Industrial pulleys Industrial pulleys are used in different sections of asphalt and batching plants and sand installations and they are manufactured and supplied due to the application place in A, B, C and D sizes.