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Net Services

Systems’ and machineries’ precise maintenance is far more important and efficient than repair operations when out of order. The intention by the words maintenance and repair is to perform precautionary services which are accomplished in order to prevent any failure outbreak, possible damages to the devices and cessation in the production line and presence of machineries. Moreover, maintenance operations have led to increase in devices’, and eventually machineries’, effective lifetime, and trivial repairs and production line cessations are prevented by accomplishing precautionary maintenance operations in a favorable manner.

Maintenance and Repair Planning

Maintenance and repairs (Net) of the machineries result in their presence capability increase up to %30 on average. This task decreases the sleeping time spans when in use, or it increases their efficiency. For this, it is of high priority to plan periodical services and to repair critical parts before failures to affect the machineries, and in the times of closure. Hereby, the operation status of the machine is brought under control and its assurance capability levels up. Therefore, the company holds the objective to constantly increase the costumer’s satisfaction through submitting such maintenance and repair services. The system operates in a way that each machine is tested, observed and repaired after a certain period of functioning. The parts’ failures are determined on the basis of their previous posed failures by statistical procedures. Failure period d causes the prevention of unplanned damages including expenses such as cessation in the production line, capital expenses etc. that the damaged part is substituted with a new one, at the end of its lifetime.