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Asphalt Storage Silo

The Asphalt Storage Silo is used for storage and loading asphalt, and is manufactured with different capacities according to the specifications of the factory. Another advantage of this store pit is that it is possible to store oversize and overflow materials in a separated store pit next to the asphalt storage store pit with the aim of maintaining environmental standards. Also, on demand of customers, it is feasible to convert the asphalt storage tank into flask (equipped with heating system for long-term storage) with higher capacities.

Technical specifications

Model AS080 AS120 AS160 Description
General specifications
Storage capacity (ton) 15 25 25 Increasable on request of customer
Thickness of main body sheet of tank (mm) 5 5 5
Type of Flap valves Pneumatic driver Pneumatic driver Pneumatic driver
Number of flap valves 2 2 2
Storage silo of oversize and overflow material * * 5 m3 capacity-Increasable on request of customer

It is possibility to increase capacity of tank and storage of two types of asphalt on order of customer.

Asphalt Storage Silo