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Bag Filter

Bag filters are used for dust purification sizing 1 micron at industries, and if designed properly, they provide %99 refinement efficiency. Bag filters are designed and manufactured in two types of Jet Pulse and Reverse Air for mine and asphalt industries by this company. These filters have application in different mine industries, asphalt, plaster, tile, chinaware, mechanized powders and wood industry factories etc.

Jet Pulse Model

In this model, bags are located in a parallel position inside a case and dust stream passes through them. Dust is transferred towards the machine by canals and the exhaust fan. The dust is absorbed by the bags, and the purified air enters into the exhaust fan and then removes. Bags’ recovery operation in this method is accomplished by the entrance of compressed air with pressure for 7 to 8 times through the electric faucet, pipes and venturi mechanism which causes severe turbulence, shock and eventually bags recovery. In this method, dust removing operation is done in an online status.

Reverse Air Model

In this model, due to not needing a processed compressed air (compressed air’s production and maintenance are costly), the bags’ recovery would bear low depreciation and high efficiency by creating a reverse airstream. And the bags will function in lower temperatures and will have longer lifetime due to their recovery applied by the atmosphere. In this method, dust removing operation is done in an offline status.

Technical specifications

Model Revers Air Jet Pulse Description
General specifications
Control electricity panel PLC PLC  
Hyper capacity 9m³ 9m³  
Pneumatic solenoid valve (inch) Korean solenoid valve 1.4 Italian solenoid valve 1, 1.2  
Pneumatic cylinder * *  
Painting Lining + paint Lining + paint Epoxy cover as request of customer
Specifications of chassis and body
Chassis Channel section  14 Channel section  14  
بادبندها و تقویت کننده ها نبشی 5 نبشی 5  
Body sheet (mm) 4 4  
Second wall insulation Rock wood Rock wood  
Second wall cover sheet (mm) 1 1 Galvanized as request of customer
Specifications of screw conveyer
pipe (inch) 8 8  
Power (kW) 3 3  
Rotary valve * *  
Power (kW) 0/75 0/75  
Specifications of Bags
Number Proportional with the capacity Proportional with the capacity  
Type of bag Nomax, Germany Nomax, Germany  
Temperature tolerance peak (c˚) 210 210  
Specifications of compressor
Type Piston Screw  
Capacity (L/min) 400 6000  
Power (kW) 3 22
Control panel *
Specifications of exhaust fan
Housing of ball-bearings Uniform Uniform
Nature of shaft CK45 CK45
Control of exhaust amount Control from control room Control from control room
Length of exhaust canal (cm) 3000 3000
Port of pollution measurement * *

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

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