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Bitumen Flask

Bitumen flask is one of the asphalt factory’s belongings in energy saving. As it heats the bitumen and charge it to the factory after dehydration process. Bitumen flask consists of the main insulated body, outer shell, the oil stream circulation pipes devised inside the flask, bitumen temperature display degree and the amount of bitumen inside the tank’s display.

Technical specifications

Model BF30 BF50 BF70 Description
General specifications
Volume of flask (ton) 30 50 70
Thickness of tank body (mm) 5 5 و 6 6
Thickness of wall cover sheet (mm) 2 2 2
Tank inhibitor By lens from 3 areas By lens from 3 areas By lens from 3 areas
Tank chassis Heavy 14 beam Heavy 14 beam Heavy 16 beam
Automatic control system of bitumen surface * * * On request of customer
Automatic system of bitumen temperature * * * On request of customer
Display of tank internal bitumen surface * * *
Length (mm) 7500 11000 12000
Width (mm) 2350 2400 2600
Height (mm) 2350 2400 2600
Specifications of visit valve
Number of valve 2 2 2  
Location of valve Head and bottom of tank Head and bottom of tank Head and bottom of tank  
Visit staircase for access to the visit doors * * *  
Ladder of visit * * *  
Specifications of oil heater coil
Type of pipe industrial manisman industrial manisman industrial manisman  
Diameter of pipe (inch) 2 2 1/2 , 2  
Specifications of insulation
Type of insulation Rock wool resistant against the fire or aluminum guard  
Thickness (mm) 50 50 50  
Specifications of bitumen discharging
Type Flowing Flowing Flowing  
Diameter of exhaust (inch) 1/2 , 2 3 3  

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

Bitumen Flask