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Cold Feeder

Precise and monolithic delivery of materials is done for obtaining assurance about the combination and mixture’s quality. As it leads to a uniform combination of asphalt with the proper operation of cold material feeders, and also results into a sustainable consumption of energy and maximization of asphalt output rate (tons per hour) through precision in the size of each asphalt accumulation.

Cold material feeders are designed and manufactured in a way that maximizes the precision of material accumulations level in all conditions. High quality of materials, precision of human resources and designing manufacture of this machine guarantees that labor operations are easily accomplishable without any problems in long-term periods in any work conditions, and with the lowest maintenance and repair charges.

Technical specifications

Model CF3000 CF3500 Descriptions
General specifications
Number of tank 4 4 and 5 5 units on request of customer
Automatic adjustment system of bar motion Speed * *
Audio control system of material amount * * On request of customer
Thickness of Sheet (mm) 5 5
Volume of any tank (m3) 7/5 7/5 Increasable on request of customer
Specifications of tank
Length (mm 3000 3500
Width (mm) 2300 2300
Specifications of dryer feeder bar
Width (mm) 500 600
Gearbox power (kW) 4 5/5
Specifications of silo feeder bar
Width (mm) 400 500
Gearbox power (kW) 2/2 2/2

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

Cold Feeder