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Control Room

Control room is regarded as one of the major sectors in asphalt production and factory which consists of a group of precise control tools alongside with power control equipment in a two separated cells (power & command). And it is also installed and operated in order to prevent the transfer of vibrations caused by production line machineries’ work, and increase in the sight scope of the operator, whether independently or separated from asphalt factory tower. The command room has a precise control over production processes by benefiting from up-to-date technology and by bringing plenty of input and output units under control. The electronic weighing system is equipped with digital display and has the capability to adjust distinct weights with four automatic commands (setpoint), in order to weigh the material. Besides, it is also possible to obtain reports concerning the amount of material, bitumen and consumed filler in the variety of time periods including batch, hour, day, week, month and year, and they are also printable by being connected to a printer device. The digital display can be adjusted in manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic status that in case of full-automatic state, the asphalt factory operator is only the supervisor on production line’s hearing and sight operations.