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Cyclone is devised in order to collect filler or tiny particles with the purpose of conducting them into the filler’s elevator. The system separates the filler’s tiny particles from outgoing gases of the dryer by the use of sucking canals and centrifugal force, and conducts them through the screw filler (spiral) to the elevator.

Technical specifications

Model CL04 CL06 CL08 CL10
General specifications        
Number of unit 4 6 8 10
Diameter of unit (mm) 900 900 900 900
Height of unit (mm) 3150 3150 3150 3150
Way of filler collection Output shoot lesser than 4 units screw conveyor screw conveyor screw conveyor
Thickness of body sheet (mm) 4 and 5 4 and 5 4 and 5 4 and 5
Specifications of chassis Heavy 140 can Channel section 20 and pipe 6 inch Channel section 20 and pipe 6 inch Channel section 22 and pipe 6 inch
Electro-gearbox power (kW) 3 4 4
Specifications of cyclone base Heavy 120 can pipe 6 inch pipe 6 inch pipe 6 inch
Boosters and … of bases نبشی 5 نبشی 5 نبشی 5

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

Cyclone Dust collector