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Drying drum

Drying drum has the application of drying and heating the cold materials, and consists of a pipe in which radiation, connection and feeding buckets exist for roasting the material exposed to torch fire and hot air stream of the pipe. This pipe has been devised on a pair of mechanized steel rings accompanied with tensional installments which have been set up on four cast-iron rollers, and is able to rotate by four electro gearbox systems that are coupled with the cast-iron rollers. Two holders have also been used in order to prevent horizontal movements of the dryer. The blades inside the pipe have been arranged the way that leads to the reduction of fuel consumption and increase in the machine’s efficiency. The machine has a temperature display system of output materials through a high-sensitive digital thermocouple and thermometer visible from the control room.

Technical specifications

Model DRY80 DRY120 DRY160 Description
General specifications
Capacity in 3% humidity (ton/h) 80 120 160
Length (mm) 780 9300 9300
Diameter (mm) 1620 1620 1820
Second wall nature Galvanized sheet Galvanized sheet Galvanized sheet On request of customer
Internal vanes nature Anti-scour sheet Anti-scour sheet Anti-scour sheet
Specifications of body sheet
Type ST37 ST37 ST37  
Thickness (mm) 10 10 12  
Specifications of Chassis
Leg of chassis pipe 8 inch pipe 10 inch pipe 10 inch  
Beam number 22 24 27  
Specifications of electro-gearbox
Number 4 4 4  
Power (kW) 5.5*4 7.5*4 11*4  

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

Drying drum