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Water Filter

Water filter is used for asphalt production in asphalt factories which is regarded as the essential belongings of the company, as results into separation and accumulation of dusts produced by asphalt production process. The major use of this product is in environment cleanliness and energy saving the way it prevents the entrance of dusts produced by torch burning into the open air and subsequently prevents environment from being polluted.

Technical specifications

Model WF1900 WF2300
General specifications
Number of water nozzles 2 4
Ladder for access to chimney to measure pollution * *
Specifications of visit valve
Number 2 4
Used Clearing nozzles and main tank
Visit staircase for access to the visit doors * *
Specifications of main tank
Height (mm) 6000 7500
Diameter (mm) 1900 2300
Thickness of sheet (mm) 4 4 و 5
Specifications of chimney
Height (mm) 6000 6000
Diameter (mm) 1100 1300
Thickness of sheet (mm) 3 3
Specifications of holder bases
Type Fabric pipe Fabric pipe
Number 4 4
Diameter (inch) 6 8
Boosters and … of bases pipe 1.2 and 2 inch pipe 3 inch
Specifications of water pump
Type Iran vane pump Iran vane pump
Number 1 2
Power (kW) 11 11
Specifications of internal water pipe
Type Seamless pipe Seamless pipe
Diameter (inch) 1/2 ,2 3

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

Water Filter