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Bitumen Sprayer

Bitumen sprayer has been manufactured in different types of electrical, mechanical, installable behind the truck, tow truck and manual, and holds suitable heating system and variety of spray axes in order to get used in constant pressure system. The machine consists of a group including motor, bitumen pump, air compressor, devised tank and other belongings in order to use hot bitumen bearing the following qualifications in a firm and uniform manner.

Technical specifications

Model BS4000 BS6000
General specifications
Length of proposed chassis ۴۵۰۰ ۶۰۰۰
Drop of temperature in 10 h (c˚) ۱۰ ۱۰
Capacity of fire extinguisher capsule (L) ۱۲ ۱۲
Specification of bitumen tank
Shape of tank Oval Oval
Capacity (L) ۴۰۰۰ ۶۰۰۰
Thickness of body sheet (mm) ۵ ۵
Type of insulation Rock wood resistant against the fire Rock wood resistant against the fire
Thickness of insulation (mm) ۱۰۰ ۱۰۰
Thickness of wall cover sheet (mm) ۲ ۲
Diameter of firefighting’s pipe (inch) ۱۰ ۱۰
Diameter of visit valve (mm) ۶۰۰ ۶۰۰
Specifications of bitumen spray unit
Diesel engine power (horsepower) ۲۰ ۲۰
Bitumen pump (inch) ۲ ,۱/۲ ۲ ,۱/۲
Type of air compressor Germany Germany
Capacity of air compressed tank (L) ۸۰ ۸۰
Three-… bitumen spray canal * *
Length of bitumen spray canal (mm) ۴۰۰۰ ۵۰۰۰
Control bitumen valve for avoiding to pour bitumen by air driver * *
Number of control valves and nozzles ۲۲ ۲۸
Pneumatic off/on cylinder of control valve and bitumen circulatory * *
Pneumatic cylinder of changing height of bitumen spray canal * *
Specifications of burner
Type Electric automatic Electric automatic
Capacity of fuel tank (L) ۱۲۰ ۱۴۰

Specifications of presented models in the above table are of the standard models and specifications of product are reviewed according to the operational requirements of product and made as custom on order of customer.

Bitumen Sprayer